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Dears Ladies,


We would like to inform  you about our new gynaecological practice in Prague 22, Uhříněves.

Our  small  one doctor practice will focus on providing  the best possible  outpatient medical care in the whole range of gynaecology and obstetrics, in an individulised manner, regarding the special needs and providing comfort for each of our patients in a friendly, homely environement.        


MUDr. Barbora Kubešová
Helena Vokurková
12.-15.5.,    17.5-19.5.
medecin substituée
Krškova 807, Praha 5,Barrandov
Tel 251 086 253, 774 410 082


We are closed
21.4.  Czech congress of paediatric gynaecology
13.5.- 15.5.  holiday
17.5- 19.5    World congress of pediatric gynaecology
26.6.-1.7.     FMF congress
10.7- 16.7   holiday
11.8 - 4.9     holiday


Dear ladies, please make sure you have all the prescriptions for treatmensts before the dates of our holidays
The name of a contact substitute gynaecologist during our holiday will be placed later

Newly, insurance companies cover a test detecting the high risk HPV viruses on the cervix for women aged 35 to the age of 36 and for women aged 45 to the age of 46 . Take advantage of this option and book an examination.


Gynaecological care

  • Comprehensive gynaecological outpatient care /prevention and treatment counsellation/
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of gynaecological abnormalities
  • Assesment of gynaecological abnormal findings and further traetment , follow-up in Prague´s leading clinics

Obstetrical care

  • Comprehensive prenatal care with superior education and interest in fetomaternal medicine
    /outpatient care of physiological pregnancies, early assesment of pregnancies at risk and further management/
  • Ultrasound scans in the I.II.III trimester of pregnancy – FMF certified
  • Follow –up in a tertiary - perinatological center in case of need
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Ke kříži 1610/16
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