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Price list

Pricelist of procedures not covered by national health insurance companies

Gynaecological examination on patient´s request
600 Kč
Gynaecological ultrasound scan on patient´s request
600 Kč
Cytology on patient´s request
500 Kč
Liquid-based-cytology LBC
600 Kč
Pregnancy test
100 Kč
STD test
1500 Kč
HPV high risk test
1400 Kč
Quick Chlamydia test
300 Kč
Drafting a request for artificial termination of pregnancy
1000 Kč
Hormonal intrauterine device /Mirena/ insertion+ disposable equipment
5800 Kč
Non-hormonal intrauterine device insertion + disposable equipment
1800 Kč
Intrauterine device extraction
200 Kč
Prescription of medication to delay the period
200 Kč
Prescription of postkoital contraception+examination
500 Kč
First trimester ultrasound scan
1500 Kč
Ultrasound 18-22wk scan on patient's request
1000 Kč
Ultrasound expertise scan during pregnancy on patient´s reqest
1000 Kč
Ultrasound 30-32wkscan on patient´s request
1000 Kč
Basic pregnancy scan on patient ´s request
500 Kč
Photograph from US scan per piece
100 Kč
Report for insurance company, travel agency etc Note for employer, commercial insurance, etc.
examination + scan included
500 Kč


Annual bonus card 500Kč
includes procedures not covered by national health insurance companies
-free disposable equipement
-consultations via e-mail,telephone 
-information about resluts via e-mail without the need of personal collection
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